Fitzrovia News no 132 March 2014

Exemplar “hell bent” on removing history of Middlesex Hospital

Front page of Fitzrovia News, FN132Exemplar the property developer which is creating the huge new building complex in Fitzrovia has been condemned by an international community of health workers and patients for trying to erase the name Middlesex from the site of the former hospital.

The site which will be completed later this year was to be called Fitzroy Place, then when that name was over-ruled by authorities, the name Pearson Square was chosen.

Now the only remaining part of the original hospital — The Middlesex Hospital Chapel — is to be re-branded in Exemplar’s own corporate image.

Please sign our petition to preserve the name Middlesex Hospital Chapel. If  you live, study or work in City of Westminster, please sign here; if you are outside of City of Westminster, please sign here.

See comment on pages 2-3.

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