Fitzrovia News no 124 March 2012

A tale of two centuries: rediscovering Dickens

Front page showing Dickens' house.He lived in Cleveland Street twice. So why not celebrate 100 years since his birth twice?

In 1912 the book trade geared up to promote his life and works and 100 years later we are doing it again. Charles Dickens is not so much being discovered but re-discovered.

To commemorate the 200 years since his birth there are events taking place in the name of Dickens 2012 and several books are being published.

Dickens lived at many addresses all over London but also at several addresses in Fitzrovia. Much of the time his family moved from place to place to avoid debt collectors who were chasing his father.

In this special issue of Fitzrovia News (pages 9-13) we explore where he lived and how the neighbourhood had an influence upon him.

We will also take a critical look at a new book published to coincide with his bicentenary: Dickens and the Workhouse by Ruth Richardson which sheds new light on his life in Cleveland Street and makes a strong case for the Cleveland Street workhouse being his main inspiration for Oliver Twist.

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