Fitzrovia News no 119 December 2010

Fitzrovia News from issue 119 in December 2010 was published using updated Quark Xpress software and a new Apple Macintosh computer provided by Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association. The paper also underwent a redesign. The archived issues for the first time were available to download as a low resolution .pdf file.

Front page.Front Page: Workers seize control of bicycle shop

A bicycle shop in Fitzrovia has been bought from the owner by the shop workers. The long-established shop on the corner of New Cavendish Street and Hanson Street was bought by three shop workers in September this year.

Fitzrovia Bicycles, formerly known as Cavendish Cycles, is now run by three bicycle mechanics – Alex, Tom and William – who specialise in repairs of all kinds.

Full text FN119_lowres

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